Preymaker’s “Blue” introduces Jules Reid, a bright, curious 12-year-old still coming to grips with the mysterious disappearance of her mother a few years earlier. Startled awake one night she discovers something magical in the nearby forest. Narrowly escaping capture, Jules realizes that what she has found is not what it seems and they are both being tracked by someone. Dedicated to all the curious young minds of the world. Never stop exploring.
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Where the Stars Begin…

On a quiet street, in a quiet town, a young girl goes to sleep one night… and awakens to adventure beyond her wildest dreams, one that will take to the very edge of the universe. And beyond.

Because Jules is not a regular girl… only she doesn’t know it yet. Jules’s life has a secret, one that has been following her for a very long time. And when, on what starts as a regular school night, a mysterious blue light beckons, an almost regular girl is given a choice… one that could change her life forever.

In a quest that will challenge everything she thought she knew, she will uncover the truth about a mother who disappeared, rescue a being who might not be all they seem, and also save planet Earth and time itself from total destruction.



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